• STAR KID is organizing it’s second Free Health Check-up camp. Various recognized doctors from the whole state are selected through a selection Board committee to attend & conduct these Health Camps for us. STAR KID is about implementing simple but efficient initiatives to increase creativity and give each child a happy, healthy and creative childhood […]

  • Team Star Kid distributed shoes to the poor children at the Govt. School in Chandigarh, UT, India. We organized a camp where the shoes were distributed to every needy kid.  Kids who do not even have access to shoes were really happy after this initiative and thanked us and we were happy to see smiling […]

  • Star Kid organized a Free Dental & Health Camp for kids for examination and preventive of diseases which will protect children. All children should have an oral health check by two years of age. Dental check-up scan help to identify and treat any problems early. Everyone has different oral and children at young age are much more likely […]

  • STAR KIDS organized a Talk by SMO (Senior Medical Officer) Civil Hospital to raise awareness among kids about the benefits of eating a Healthy diet and the importance of Healthcare for children to perform well in school. write my essay for me cheap in

  • It seems like some people are constantly wringing their hands about how poor people eat. And the most popularly proposed solution is to teach them more about nutrition! Or educate them in general. STAR KID understands the importance of healthy eating habits and makes sure to share this knowledge with children. Because obviously they just […]

  • My goal might be hard but it’s not impossible. Especially with friends like you who support me,stand by me and make every event awesome. STAR organized a successful fundraising Valentine’s Day special Musical event. Sue: if I havent formulated a very definite plan, and if im not quite sure how.

  • Educated girls grow up to be empowered women and can influence the communities they live in, and learn to stay strong and independent forever. Pictures from Another STAR successful fundraiser event for STAR KIDS with Guatam Khanna and Mona Malhotra was held on June 7th 2015. Chronological sequence or, he has a good point as […]

  • STAR proudly presented Mother’s Day special Musical fundraising event on Saturday May 2nd and celebrate with most talented singers from Chicago, Live DJ, and Dholnd and what better day than Mother’s Day to make sure these children have a creative, happy and healthy childhood they all deserve.

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