It seems like some people are constantly wringing their hands about how poor people eat. And the most popularly proposed solution is to teach them more about nutrition! Or educate them in general. STAR KID understands the importance of healthy eating habits and makes sure to share this knowledge with children. Because obviously they just don’t know what they’re doing. And that’s why they eat so badly, and hence, why their health tends to be poorer! The reality is that people who don’t have enough money (or the utilities and storage) to buy and prepare decent food in decent quantities, cannot be asked to worry about the finer nuances of nutrition. Because getting enough to eat is always our first priority. The idea is that, before we worry about nutrition we’ve first got to HAVE food. Enough of it. Consistently. And it’s got to be acceptable to us (which, for some people, might mean not coming from the garbage, or meeting certain standards of preparation) and it’s got to taste reasonably good. STAR KID provides a healthy freshly prepared wholesome food with the funds raised from various events and fundraisers and also with the generous financial support of our sponsors and donors.
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