Children are the poorest segment of society. The effects of poverty on children’s health and well-being are well-documented. Poor children have increased infant mortality, more frequent and severe chronic diseases such as asthma, poorer nutrition and growth, less access to quality health care, lower immunization rates. To overcome these health issues STAR KID organizes Free Health Camps 4 time a year. Free eye-checkup, dental check-up, immunizations and also treatment for Swine flu was provided to over 800 children from different backgrounds. The Senior Medical officers from Civil Hospitals also attended the Health camps and made sure they went successfully. Various recognized doctors from the whole state were selected through a selection Board committee to attend to STAR KID’s. We plan to organize more frequent health camps in different cities across the country. STAR KID is taking all necessary steps to make sure each child lives in a safe and healthy environment where they can live up to their full potential and have a happy, healthy, creative childhood they deserve.