• Most of the rural children are undernourished because they eat poor quality food due to ignorance coupled with poverty. Because of their malnutrition most of the children are not alert and poor in their studies. Many children are also anemic and susceptible to frequent infections. To counteract that condition STAR KID provides all children with […]

  • Children are the poorest segment of society. The effects of poverty on children’s health and well-being are well-documented. Poor children have increased infant mortality, more frequent and severe chronic diseases such as asthma, poorer nutrition and growth, less access to quality health care, lower immunization rates. To overcome these health issues STAR KID organizes Free […]

  • Every child deserves a significant childhood. But for many children, all these basic rights are denied they suffer from hunger and homelessness the actuality of childhood is altogether different for these underprivileged children. These children work in harmful conditions and do not have access to quality education and healthcare. These children have fundamental rights which […]

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